Might I

Might corrupts. Always.

Nothing is more dangerous, and more fallacious than might, since it can’t be recuperated at all, it is always given voluntarily. There may be instruments, techniques, and strategies to facilitate, or to accelerate the clearance of might, but it will always remain to be a voluntary withdrawal.

Once tasted the tempting and sweet flavor of might, you want more, and you will always aim to accumulate more, still more, on and on, entirely limitless and without foothold, since it will never be enough. This game is promoted by the fact, that there is really no direct limit in expanding might. The more clearance, the more you accumulate. But where the limit is missing, the point, where the greatness of might overruns the capacity of the ego will necessarily appear at any time, and exactly at that point the ego will underlie, since the latter has limits! The risk of this game of accumulation, leading to the unavoidable downfall, resides exactly at that point, where this limit is reached.

It is fallacious for one gambling with might, having neither respect, nor vision, and becoming himself very quickly the cue ball of might. Faster than desired, faster than it could be recognized, and by far more powerful than it could be handled or controlled. Sliding from an active to a reactive role, where it becomes almost impossible to escape from.

Therefore the only proper way to deal with might is to refuse it generally, from the first, and consequently. Always.

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