The one demanding to follow rules, excluding himself from it, communicates an ambivalent message, that is confusing for the short term, but removing the ground of orientation for the long term.

Furthermore the community consisting of demander and auditorium is ranked in one part of such having to follow rules (auditorium), and another part of such standing above the rules (demander).

The behavior of the demander ranks and polarizes moreover implicitly in a valuable group of such having the permission to demand, and a less valuable group of such having in contrast to the previous group to obey, being debased and discriminated against the previous group.

The one demanding to follow rules makes himself on its own terms also an authority and adopts automatically, meaning without any further assistance, being an ideal that is directly demonstrated to the auditorium.

So the one wanting to be taken seriously without the subtle provocation of ambivalent messages should take care of consistency in his behavior. Being not able to do so means you should not demand something…

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