Hermes Trismegistos

The one dealing with the figure „Hermes Trismegistos“ (Thrice Great Hermes) will notice that a string of personalities are associated to him as individual incarnations, with distinct names, and in relation to mystic tales, depending on the origin.

His first incarnation lies in the time of Atlantis, where he has been born with the civic name Arlich Vomalites. During his life he studies contemporary sciences, explores mysteries and secrets, and receives finally the title „Chiquetet“ – which means roughly „seeker for wisdom“.

Some day he discovers by a fortunate coincidence the secret of eternal life, and promenades since then in an immortal existence among us.

He appears in different ages, and takes effect on the evolution and culture of mankind in a very special way.

In the Old Testament for example he and his influence are described by the figure „Henoch“, who’s the bearer of handwriting and mathematics. He lived for 365 years, but instead of dying he has been mounted to heaven directly by God.

About 5.000 B.C. a high civilization arises in Egypt, that has been influenced and promoted significantly by him. As „Thot“ he convoys together with his consort „Shesat“ the evolution of the Egyptian high civilization and teaches the people elementary, cultural achievements.

So he introduces for example the script and handwriting, and became therefore „Thot, the Writer“, as which he is still known today. But also teaching stock farming and agriculture is associated to him.

About 1.000 B.C. the Egyptian high civilization is faced with ruin and perishes. But „Thot“ founds a new high civilization in Greece.

There he elects Pythagoras to be his student and teaches him everything about geometry, philosophy, and the nature of reality. Here anchors the beginning of the Greek high civilization, and incorporated by the Greek culture „Thot“ transforms to „Hermes, the messenger of the gods“.

Later, at the Middle Ages, he gets the title „Trismegistos“ in honor to his teaching and his wisdom, what means roughly „the threefold greatest“.

He flows also into the culture of the Roman Empire, where he gets the Latin name „Mercurius Termaximus“, which is analogously the same name.

At the Nativity Hermes composes the „Tabula Smaragdina“, the Emerald Tablet, that he stores in a chamber of the Cheops pyramid as heritage for future generations. The „Tabula Smaragdina“ is a matter of a multi-dimensional stone tablet, that consists of a smaragd-like, indestructible stone, and a message in form of an engraved text.

Since this tablet is a multi-dimensional object, it contains on each dimension a different text, with a different message respectively. They say that this tablet has recently been found in the Cheops pyramid, and been recovered. Transcriptions are available and may be reviewed – everyone himself may get an idea of the content…

Another source, that is immediately going back to his education, is the Kybalion. The time of origin and the author is unknown. But the author, or better the authors name themselves in the oeuvre scarcely „the three wises“. It is a recommendable introduction to hermeticism, since it is depicting in detail the basement, the 7 hermetic principles.

„Hermes“ had his last student about the end of the 20th century, before he finally left – according to his own statement – our dimension of existence.

If all those incarnations took really place in such a manner, and that they may be associated only to one individual person, can’t be settled. But it remains indisputable, that the „hermetical spirit“ influences mankind already since a long time.

The roots are going back till Atlantis, so a time that can hardly be captured, and counts more to legends and mythology, than to history of humanity. But it is so far coherent with a holistic science, that has a more timeless essence, and has been for sure born outside of space and time.