Actually, what is perception?
Well, that seems to be quite easy: to see, to hear, to smell, to taste an to feel. Perceptions of the five sensory organs.

But what about the thoughts? Do I perceive them, or are they simply generated in my mind?
Well, perhaps a little bit of both… or not?

What is intuition, then? An unknown circuit of nerves, working mechanically, and allowing me for perceiving its result? But how, and by which means do I perceive it? With my mind? Though my mind isn’t a sensory organ…

And what about the gut instinct? Which sensory organ can it be attributed to?

What is a flash of inspiration, an idea? Generated in my mind by random nerve stimuli? Without any relation to perception as such?

What about pain, that can’t be felt on a physical layer any more – the anguish of mind… only thoughts? No perception? Pretending to be real, but nothing more than „imagination“?

What about the interior guidance, or afflatus? Isn’t there something, that is perceived? Pure imagination should result rather seldom, or at the most in every second case in a positive outcome, and only by chance… mathematically seen, of course…

How, and where to range impulses at all? Play instinct, zest for action, distrust, sympathy and antipathy, spontaneity… somehow, and somewhere, I am perceiving that, definitely on a physical layer as well, or not? Which senses does it correspond to?

Most of all: who’s finally perceiving? Ever just my mind? Consciousness? The soul? Is the physical body really the perceptive one, or rather the mediating instrument, and only suitable for a portion of the perceptible spectrum?

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