Disciplines of Hermeticism

Holy Geometry

Holy geometry means an original, unadulterated form of geometry as it exists and is being taught from the beginning of Creation on. It is a key for the comprehension of the whole universe, where everything began and everything has been created.

Practicing holy geometry requires besides pencil and paper only two instruments: the compasses and a rule without scale. Since it is focused on geometrical construction and proportions.

Geometrical construction is an act of creation, and proportions are the related measure. In the cosmos there is no inch rule or tape measure, to allow for comparing, measuring or scaling something. Everything is only compared in relation to itself, resulting in proportions.

Especially today, in such a modern, technical, and highly scientific world it is of major importance to be clear on the fact that absolute measuring does not exist, and can’t exist. Measuring something means always comparing it to something else, a degree, thus a reference that has been defined more or less arbitrary somewhere along the line.

Even physics is still struggling to identify an absolute and reliable reference measure. But whatsoever a reference measure will be specified as, at the end measuring will always remain the comparison to something else. Something making you believe to be absolute and invariable – but only until the next reference system appears.

As long as physical research will be continued in the way it is done today, it will just demonstrate that everything is undergoing changes, and remains “inalterable” only under special conditions.

Proportions don’t change, they exist since the beginning of all. No matter how a geometrical form is increased or decreased (scaled), rotated or reversed – the proportions will always stay and remain the same. As soon as a geometric form exists, it is possible to compare it relativ to itself to get absolute and invariable dimensions.

Immediate descendants of the first generation of the holy geometry (so individual sciences and disciplines) are for example:


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To get a picture of God, the Creator, is impossible. It shall not, and can’t be done, since we are all part of his Creation, within his cosmos. How could we dare, and how could it at all be thinkable to rise even mentally out of the Creation to finally realize the Creator himself? This arrogation won’t result in anything but madness.

But: God may be experienced, as he is living in us, permeating us, since we are all part of his Creation. We may receive aspects of him and his message, which are incorporated into the universe, contemplate them, let them sink in, experience and analyze them, thus to establish a deeper understanding of the creation that we are living in.

Thereby it is sufficient to suspend the employment of the outer senses, until they become silent, to look into ourselves then, to listen, and to release the inner senses to be able to experience our inner core, since here resides God.

Close your eyes and listen to your inner voice – to perceive the tale you will be told…


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