The essential


Welcome to my blog.

Being a small boy I was already not able to settle for superficial responses, while making my interlocutor livid with rage by raising my questions.

I wanted to know exactly how the things behave, following the motto:

“That I recognize, what keeps the world together in its inner inside.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust

Today my focus is mainly going towards the area of hermeticism, which is in my view missing out in the acknowledged educational institutions.

Therefore I decided to create a plattform for vital exchange with this blog, to call attention, draw interest, and to rehabilitate forgotten sciences.

Have a good time grubbing this web site!

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The intention of hermeticism is primarily to establish a deeper understanding of Creation, human being, and the meaning of human being within Creation. To be able to approach successfully towards analyzing the interior and exterior cosmos it is thereby of major importance to have an integral and holistic way of thinking. The separation into individual sciences and disciplines is only half of the way, what should absolutely be completed by the second half, the harmonic synthesis of the individual paths to really get to the bottom of the things.

In that context the results of individual sciences or disciplines are never in contradiction, or isolated from each other, but mutually completing towards a great whole thing – typically belonging to several disciplines, since each individual consideration is just revealing an aspect of one and the same truth.

Accepting one’s own perception as being correct and valid is here an essential attribute, since contradictions indicate first of all an incomplete, or even incorrect view of the world. Finally Mankind itself is the center of considerations – not technology.