Topology of Creation

The Cosmos

  • 1st dimension (material, linear space)
  • 2nd dimension (material, linear space)
  • 3rd dimension (material, linear space)
  • 4th dimension (material, linear time)
  • 5th dimension (material, circular time)
  • 6th dimension (material, non-linear space)
  • 7th dimension (fine-material plane)
  • 8th dimension (fine-material plane)
  • 9th dimension (fine-material plane)
  • 10th dimension (mental plane)
  • 11th dimension (mental plane)
  • 12th dimension (mental plane)

The Planets

The one, or the other, may certainly remember the following mnemonic sentence, or a similar one, that reflects the sequence of planets (known at its formation) as they appear in our solar system: “My Very Educated Mother Just Sent Us Nine Pizzas”. The first letter of each word is thereby indicating the first letter of the related name of a planet, starting with the planet nearest to the sun – so: Mercur, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptun, Pluto.

Much more planets are known today, but there exist also anterior disciplines, that are still based on a system of seven planets, where the sun and the moon are also considered as “planet”. Delving into mythology, astrology, or alchemy, you will discover that a lot of fables, legends, tales, Gods, beings, figures, and all kinds of qualities are somehow linked to the planets. It is not really clear or conclusive where the roots of those associations are coming from. But as soon as you start interconnecting the findings of different sciences, the one or the other details may nevertheless be cleared up…

  • Jupiter
  • Neptune
  • Mars
  • Mercur
  • Moon
  • Pluto
  • Saturn
  • Sun
  • Uranus
  • Venus

Human Being

“Man, identify yourself, then you will recognize God. Man, change.”

Oracle of Delphi

Human being is an effigy of the cosmos, and bears inwardly the principles of creation. Born in the 10th dimension mankind is simultaneously joint to all cosmic planes. Everyone has direct contact to the material, fine-material, and mental dimensions. Thus, the one dealing with creation may learn a lot about himself as well. The one looking into himself may also learn something about creation.

  • physical body
  • ethereous body
  • astral body
  • cosmic body
  • mental body
  • spiritual body
  • causal body