First Dimension

A first step, a first range, a first basic size.
Origin and position become two separate points.
A first mode of elongation arises.
To step out from inside means to move.
Motion creates space.
New spaces may be explored.
The masculine principle awakes.
Motion requires orientation.
Forward, or backwards.
Duality is anchored.
Repetition becomes feasible.
Manifestation facilitates reproduction.
The principle of unity is born.
The number “1” is masculine.

The division of a path in steps defines limits.
Limits enable the definition of the unity.
One element, several elements, or all elements may be concentrated to a unity.

The principle of unity facilitates creation of all subsequent principles, as it bears inwardly the basis of all principles. The number one is related to all subsequent numbers, as all subsequent numbers are related to unity.

The number one is already sufficient to define precisely the most significant proportion of creation – the transcendental figure PHI, the golden ratio. The distance, or the difference between the proportion of the golden ration (so PHI) and its reciprocal value is exactly one. Reversed the number one may be expressed by the golden ratio. That means also PHI bears inwardly a relation to all numbers.