Second Dimension

A second step, a new path, the same measure.
Motion gains freedom.
Forward and backwards becomes left-hand, or to the right.
Two freedom degrees allow for two kinds of motion.
Decisions want to be taken.
Two tracks lead to the same goal.
The same result, but individual quality.
The vision remains focused on the inside.
The feminine principle awakes.
Concentration mirrors elongation.
Duplication is reproduction.
A product though reveals its composition.
The principle of “2” is born.
The number “2” is feminine.

Binary is the nature of fundamental decisions, and the least possible quantity of information as well. Two states, excluding each other. Like that they can be concentrated again to an entity, the basic module of formal logic.

Commonalities and contrasts mirror the nature of duality. The intersection becomes birthplace of creativity. Femaleness opens the pass to the world, gives space, and nourishes. Maleness expands.

The Vesica Piscis (mandorla) is a first, constructive element of geometry. A pure feminine system of information, birthplace of regular polygons, and foundation of creation.