Third Dimension

A third step captures height.
Rising out of surface.
Form becomes shape.
Birth of physicalness.
Structure orders chaos.
Symmetry proves of value.
Construction bears dynamics.
Resonance follows congruity.
The first sphere concludes.
Trinity awakes.
Father, mother, and child form a system.
The principle of “3” is born.
The number “3” is masculine, but holds either gender in itself.

Cartesian coordinates, cylindrical coordinates, and spherical coordinates don’t exclude each other, are simultaneously valid, and represent the same space. Each coordinate system has its own qualities, nevertheless they all contain a first, purely linear axis.

Three dimensions, independent from each other, are asking for orientation at a time, thus bearing inside two directions. Thereafter remains only one, the first and most sainted one of all modes of motion, rotation, completing the presentation of the seven potential movement patterns in space.

The first and most perfect of all bodies is the sphere, since no other body can claim having an infinite number of symmetry axis and mirror planes. Furthermore it is one of the most replicated shapes in universe, as it can be observed at globular clusters, stars, planets, soap bubbles, drops (in free fall), vesicles, and elementary particles.

As well is this structure always adopting the very first movement pattern of cosmos, namely rotation. Thereafter only it adopts another, linear one – or is it again just a kind of rotation at a different scale?